The Story Behind Life & Form

TropicalI started the development of Life & Form Coconut series of natural beauty essentials because I could not find good beauty basics that actually worked. Like most women, I had issues with my hair and spent tons of money on expensive products that just did not deliver.

More and more people are suffering from allergies, sensitivities and skin conditions. In my country of origin, I was raised with the numerous beauty secrets of coconut oil and went on the search for products that will work on skin and hair, and are free from harmful ingredients.

I wanted to offer a premium quality cosmetic product derived from natural ingredients only. A no-nonsense product that does what it says…. nourish and moisturize for beautiful skin and hair at an affordable price.

There are many coconut species with specific features: for refreshment, Amphawa Coconutas cooking oil, or for skin and hair treatment. In my search I wanted to find a coconut type that is rich in skin and hair nourishing ingredients. I have found the coconut that meet all my expectations in the Amphawa district in Thailand. It is the best coconut for skin and hair: it is a small in size and has a specific unique fantastic aroma and has more white meat inside, loaded with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Perfect for skin and hair nourishing and moisturizing and a specific tropical real coconut aroma.

Life & Form offers with the Coconut Series products that can easily be added to your beauty regime and helps reducing Body Carethe toxic load on your body so you can look and feel better…. all natural.