The secret benefits of coconut oil - benefits of cold pressed coconut oil exposed

At Life & Form we developed a complete line of body and hair products born from organic cold pressed coconut oil. The coconut from Amphawa district Thailand to be more specific, as we believe this area has all it takes to provide the best coconut of the world. In this post, we want to expose how our development journey benefits your skin and hair.

Amphawa District, Thailand

Amphawa District, located in Samutsongkarm Province, is one of Thailand's smallest but most fertile provinces with renown fruit crops and coconut palm trees as far as the eye can see. Located in the central plains of the country, the land is rich in mineral deposits due to its proximity to a river bead and many canals and its being adjacent to an estuary that leads into the sea. There are so many coconut palm trees it is often referred to as "coconut land". The coconuts which grow there are a special variety that is small in size and have a specific unique fantastic aroma plus they have more white meat inside which is richer in essential fatty acids



The brown, hairy fruit of the coconut palm tree, coconut has a hard shell covering the white nutmeat inside, which is very rich in fat, including lauric acid, capric acid and palmatic acid. It is the white meat that we use in creating our coconut skin and hair products. In Asia the beauty benefits of coconut oil for skin and hair, as well as for health, is renown for centuries. 

The benefits of unrefined coconut oil

In the unrefined process, coconuts are pressed at a low heat and then filtered, also known as cold pressed process. The low heat (not exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit) allows it to maintain its health benefits. Unrefined coconut oil typically has a stronger coconut flavor and may be a slightly beige color since it is not bleached. Organic coconut oil comes from coconut farms that are not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Coconut in cosmetics

Coconut's oil emollient properties make it a popular choice for cosmetic products, used to moisturize and soften hair and skin.

Life & Form Coconut body and hair products

All our products are based upon the best organic cold pressed coconut oil, to preserve the healthy ingredients of the white coconut meat, which effectively moisturizes and softens skin and hair. Our mission to contribute to environmental sustainability, we only work with coconut farms that are not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.