Facts and Fables about Hair Care

A lot of theories do exist about the best hair care. Which are true and which are fables? 

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You must use a mask or conditioner after each hair wash - fact nor fable

You should use a conditioner after each hair wash. Not everyone does that, because people do not purchase the right conditioner, or believe that their hair will weigh down. Shampoo does open the hair scales, and these must be closed with a conditioner. A hair mask is not needed after every wash, and is a more intense treatment compared to a conditioner. If you do want to use a hair mask, the right sequence is: shampoo - mask - conditioner.

Washing your hair with an egg is better than a shampoo - fact

Raw EggsAlbeit that most people do not want to wash their hair with an egg, the egg yellow does contain sulfur, that works to help reduce dandruff and fatty hair. Also the protein of the egg may work well. It is, however, doubtful if this protein gets well absorbed.  So, washing your hair with an egg is possible, albeit it does not feel nice and clean. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water, to prevent the egg to solidify.


Coloring your hair is always bad - fable

Everything you do to your hair is in principle not good for your hair condition: combing, hair drying, perms, and for that sake also hair coloring. Hair is a dead element and for that reason good hair care is key when you color your hair. Color dyes has become much better than in the past, and less aggressive. Your hair will not fall out and you will not get bold, those are all fables. However, choosing a good shampoo, mask and conditioner is essential.

If you cut your hair more frequent, it will grow faster - fact nor fable

Male Hair StylistA visit to your hair stylist every 6 to 8 weeks is how you do your hair a favor. If styled on time, you prevent that hair ends will split. The sooner you get a hair treatment, the less hair needs to be cut.                                                           

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