Celebrate Vacation Time.


There has never been anything wrong with having a good time, relaxing and getting recharged.

The combination of sun, ocean and beach is a real temptation and works positive on our well feeling. And why not? Exposure to sun will encourage our skin to produce vitamin D, which causes a sense of well being. And swimming in salty water will hydrate the skin. The sound of the waves of the ocean will positively work on our senses. Good stuff for us folks.

The trick -as always: do not overdo this. Too much of sun exposure may cause sunburn, which is associated with aging skin or worse. And staying too long in salty water leaves your skin feeling a bit dry. On top of that, air pollution in general, can cause -among others- skin dryness.

So, is avoiding this delightful outdoor activity the solution for healthy skin?
As stated earlier, the sun and salty water have positive effects on our wellness and skin condition. However, do only get exposed to an extent, avoid getting sunburn, use a protective sun screen, wear protective cloths and avoid being exposed to the sun when it is on its hottest, between 12 - 4 pm.

Take a shower after sun tanning and ocean swimming and moisturize your skin after bathing to rejuvenate your skin. We recommend the following moisturizing body care products, as they nourish the skin and moisturize instantly without feeling sticky and greasy. The ideal first aid moisturize kit to carry with you during your vacation (and beyond):

Coconut Hand Cream

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Moisturize your hands with this amazing Coconut Hand Cream. It is packed with natural Shea Butter and the best organic Coconut Oil, rich in nourishing ingredients. It moisturizes your hands instantly, while not feeling greasy or sticky. Life & Form Coconut Hand Cream helps to store moisture for a long time, leaving your hands feeling smooth and soft. A must have.

Coconut Body Lotion

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 Indulge yourself with the amazing tropical aroma of Life & Form body lotion. We’ve blended natural Shea Butter with organic Coconut Oil, rich in skin nourishing ingredients. This silky lotion moisturizes instantly without feeling greasy or sticky. Feel all day long a soft and smooth skin, with a youthful appearance, delicately perfumed. Do not feel guilty about this pleasure: you deserve it.

Coconut Butter Body Scrub

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Imagine yourself in the tropics with the unique enticing aroma of this sensational coconut butter body scrub. Feel how the grinded coconut shell subtilely exfoliates the skin on your body, while the best organic coconut oil, loaded with skin nourishing ingredients, instantly moisturizes your skin. A wonderful experience.

Happy vacation time with Life & Form. Nature never felt so good.

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