A New Definition of Luxury in Bathing

Panda eating Bamboo

Bamboo is not the first thought that pops up when you think about textile fabric. However, Bamboo is a great source, that combines eco-consciousness with a comfortable and luxury life style. Not all Bamboo is produced equal, however Life & Form 100% viscose of Bamboo Towels are produced against the highest standards for human and environment.

Bamboo PlantBamboo is amazingly the fastest growing plant on earth, and is not a tree but a grass. Once harvested it can replenish itself with the speed of a whopping 120 cm per day. Most of it is grown organically (no use of insecticides or pesticides), and depending on the area needs little to no watering or fertilizing. If that is not enough, bamboo does absorb more carbon dioxide from the air than cotton or timber. 

None of the 42 Bamboo species that Panda's eat, are used in Life & Form Bamboo Towels. Because of these features, Bamboo is a very interesting substitute for the heavy water consuming cotton making process (cotton needs 10 times more water to produce 2 pounds of fabric compared to Bamboo). That makes bamboo by far more greener than cotton.

Life & Form towels are 100% viscose of Bamboo. A man made fibre. The process of making Bamboo fibre is often criticized because of the use of sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide during production. These chemicals are toxic and harmful for humans and environment. Modern Bamboo processing companies are no longer using this so called hydrolyses alkalization, however have invested in the development of closed loop acetic acid (also know as vinegar) process, which has little impact on the environment. Life & Form Bamboo Towels are made against the highest environmental standards that surpasses both Oektex Standard 100 as well as OSHAS 18001.Life & Form Bamboo Towels (100% viscose from Bamboo)


Life & Form Bamboo Towels are opulent soft and are excellent moisture wicking (3-4 times better compared to cotton). The same Towels that are friendly to every skin type and odor-resistant. 700 GSM of Bamboo fibre is loomed to perfection, to give you that luxury resort feeling.